Hannah Thompson


Hannah is known for her bubbly and fun personality, where she never fails to put a smile on her clients faces whenever she plans an itinerary. Being a younger age, Hannah is someone who is thoughtful and willing to go the extra miles for her clients, enjoys a good challenge, surprising most with her professionalism and passion towards what she plans for their dream holidays.

She has been with Shepparton Travel & Cruise for 2 years and has travelled to more than 10 Countries: Thailand/ The Philippines/ Europe/ UK & the South Pacific. Hannah’s main travel highlight so far has been touring around Europe/UK with TOPDECK where she experienced a trip of a lifetime and has met some amazing friends.

With her travel experience and product knowledge, she will be able to design your dream holiday; for first timers to Europe, an forgettable honeymoon, a romantic getaway or most memorable anniversary. She has also sailed with Carnival Cruises recently. Come in now and see what Hannah can do for you!

Hannah is available from Monday to Friday to assist you with your bucket list of destinations/ dreams and travel plans.

Holly Wright

Senior Consultant

Holly has been in the travel industry for over 14 years. She is highly qualified with a Master Cruise Specialist certification from CLIA (Cruise line International Association) by having completed an extensive training course in both Australia and Europe coupled with her travelling experience.

It is a pleasure to have Holly with Shepparton Travel & Cruise as she is the only qualified Cruise Master Accredited in the North-East Victoria region.

Having travelled extensively to other countries in the world, Holly is someone with an attention for details. She plans holidays for her clients like one of her own, and have never missed out any or even the most minor detail you could think of.

Just to name some of the destinations travelled by Holly: Asia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA, the Mediterranean and over 38 other countries. The list just gets longer.

Holly is only available on Mondays, appointments are highly recommended for a travel consultation with her.

Eddie & June


Eddie and June were based in Singapore prior to joining Shepparton Travel and Cruise Team. Combined with experiences that complements each other to the travel industry, both of them makes a great husband and wife team. They have always been passionate about the travel industry and are determined to bring along the experiences they have from events and marketing to finance and management into the agency.

Planning and organizing itineraries are part and parcel of the duo that used to go for last minute road trip and planning them along the way. They are always on the lookout for great deals and special itineraries to customize them for their clients and are especially familiar towards the Southeast Asia Region where they have extensively travelled.

Look for Eddie or June if you want to spend some special time with your loved ones or to have a few days of me time in the tropical region in Asia and they could perhaps show you where you could find the best durians in town and which areas the local goes for the best hawker food.

Both Eddie and June are available in the office Monday to Friday and will cater to all of your travel needs in one way or another.